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Battle Racers
Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you design, build, and race model cars on arcade-sized tracks on Decentraland. You can mix and match parts and weapons to create your perfect car, then use its combat skills to beat other players to the finish line.
Token sale completed on 02 January
Ratings: 9.3/10
Battle Racers

How do I play Battle Racers?

Enter the Battle Racers arena on Decentraland (it will look like a giant car – you can’t miss it!). You’ll see different track tables, where you can race, and garage kiosks, where you can see your inventory.

Choose either a practice track (free to play, for practice cars) or a competitive track (with an entry fee, for tokenized race cars only). You can walk up to an empty podium in front of a track to join a race. Choose your car and the weapons to equip on it, click Join, and wait for other players. Each track can have a max of 4 players in a real-time multiplayer race.

For practice tracks, if there are no other players available, AI will automatically take the other slots. So you can always test your practice cars against opponents.

For competitive tracks, you need at least two players for a race to start. Otherwise, the race will be canceled. There is no AI on competitive tracks.

What’s the difference between practice cars and race cars?

A practice car is made up of parts that you can mix and match. The car is not tokenized, and is not on the blockchain mainnet. We are using the Loom sidechain for these parts and cars. Practice cars can be used only on practice tracks inside Decentraland, and can’t win any medals or crates. Practice cars can be customized at any time.

A race car is an optional choice by the player to tokenize their practice car into a non-fungible token (NFT). The race car NFT will be written onto the blockchain mainnet; its parts are locked in and can no longer be changed (though they can be upgraded). Race cars compete on competitive tracks inside Decentraland and can win medals to open crates for more parts. Race cars also record their history of wins and ownership on the blockchain, and earn exclusive buffs to their stats the more races they win. These make an older, famous race car more valuable than a new practice car without any history or buffs.

How do I build my own car?

Car customization happens on our website. To build a car, you need four parts: Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels. You can get random parts from crates, which you can either win from competitive racing or buy from our website. You can mix and match all parts across all brands and models – e.g. you can have a Horizon set of wheels on a Zeta body. Each part has its own stats, so you can build for aesthetics or gameplay – it’s up to you.

Once you’re happy with your car, you can save it into a practice car. Or you can tokenize it into a race car and put it on the blockchain mainnet.

Do I need to own a race car to play Battle Racers?

You can play Battle Racers even if you don’t own a race car! We want to create a gaming experience where even non-NFT owners can enjoy the game. Practice tracks come with ‘test drives’ – cars you can borrow for the duration of the race. We will handpick these cars so you can try new models all the time. Test-drive cars will not show up in anyone’s inventory.

However, if you own a race car, you get to race on the competitive tracks and earn rewards.

What are weapons and how do they work?

Weapons are additional items that you equip before a race. They are not permanently attached to any car and can be considered as equipment (if this were a role-playing game, your car is your character, and weapons are the gear shared across different characters).

Weapons have skills attached to them; they include offensive (e.g. missiles), defensive (e.g. shields), position-based (e.g. boosts), and traps (e.g. bear traps). Skills add player interaction so it’s not just a matter of who has the fastest car – it’s also who can outsmart their opponent.

Every player needs to equip two weapons before racing. If you don’t own any weapons, you will get very basic default ones (for example, the lowest-level Boost and Missile weapons). During the race, click on your skill button to fire it; each skill will have a cooldown before you can use it again. Cooldown length varies per skill.

Right now, weapons cannot be bought or traded, and can only be won during gameplay. We may revisit this in the future.

How will you make money?

We will be charging an entry fee for competitive races (fee to be determined), and possibly for car tokenization and disassembly.

What is decentralized about Battle Racers?

The race cars are non-fungible tokens that the players will own separate from the game. While Battle Racers’ gameplay data will be centralized (to support real-time play), the token itself will be a standard ERC-721 token, and its stats, ownership, and race record will be publicly viewable on the blockchain mainnet. This will enable other blockchain games to use the cars if they decide to support it. We will also release public APIs around the tokens and gameplay data so the community can create their own tools and games.

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where no one company has authority over the land; decision-making will be left up to the community. For Battle Racers, our long-term plan is to let players build and host tracks on their parcels, turning this into a community-created and community-run game.

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