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CreasureQuest is hands down the most dynamic Dapp i have ever played. The game brings back the classic choose-your-own-adventure structure with riddles and clues. The story-line develops as you play and four parties define the direction of the games: the writers, the AI-engine, the sponsors, and you – the player. The team is amazing and the prize pool is huge! See if you can locate the treasure and claim your share in a 10 Bitcoin Prize Pool!
Token sale is active until 06 May
Ratings: 9.1/10
  • What is Creasure Quest? CreasureQuest is a virtual Treasure Hunt based on historically real lost treasures with real prizes utilizing collectibles on the Blockchain. Play smart, connect the dots, collect your CRQ Tokens, locate the treasure and claim your share in a 10 Bitcoin Prize Pool!
  • Goals: This game contains many different adventures you can have in the hunt for the lost treasure. From time to time as you play along, you will be asked to make a choice. Your choice may lead to success or disaster. Think carefully before you make a move! Any choice might be your last… or it may lead you to the lost treasure of the Flor de la Mar.
  • CRQ & Claims Tokens: CreasureQuest (CRQ) is the official currency and fuel of the game. Buy, earn, collect, spend, trade or transfer CRQ Tokens as you play. Claims can be acquired through Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), which you can buy, sell, lease or rent. They may contain natural resources you’ll need for your game.
  • Claims: With Chapter 3 you’ll have access to claims. Each claim is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain, which you can buy, sell, lease and rent. Only the owner of a claim can analyze the nature of the ground. Your claim may contain natural resources, pieces of lost treasures or additional clues. Your Tokens & Claims are forever yours – through all games – until you trade them in.
  • Teams: In your hunt for the lost treasures you may want to join a team – or form one yourself – to join forces. You can have public or private teams and store your findings and collaborate on collected files and documents. If you’re a succesful team, you can even charge other players for access to your team!
  • Contacts & Check-Ins: Connect with your friends, other players and the characters you meet in the game, and check-in online or offline to collect clues, hints, tools and additional tokens.
  • Mayors: 10% of all players can become the Mayor of a city of their choice. As a Mayor you’re overseeing 10% of all claims and mining rights, which allows you to collect a 5% tax on every change of ownership.
  • Agents: Don’t worry if you get stuck in times and cannot connect the dots. Agents are here to help. They will show up from time to time (see the map). They will be available for 24 hours only, so make sure you don’t miss them!
  • In Game Purchases: You can buy your entry ticket or have it sponsored, and you can even earn CRQ Tokens throughout the game. In times you may find it helpful to access certain functions, tools and clues. These can be purchased with CRQ Tokens.
  • Clues: Clues are essential for your success towards winning the game. Clues are scattered throughout the game, they may be obvious or hidden as “Easter Egss”. Make sure you store your findings and insights somewhere as you will need all of them in the final round.
  • Tools: When following the story, you may find yourself in tricky situations. Tools will help you find a solution, so you can continue your treasure hunt.
  • The Flor De La Mar: In our first CreasureQuest we’re off to find the lost treasures of the Flor de la mar, which sank in the year 1511 off the coast of Sumatra. The shipwreck still lies undiscovered in the seabed – and with it the vast treasure looted from the Sultan of Malacca’s palace.
Information: 01 January — 06 May
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