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CryptoMotors is the first digital automaker powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is a platform where pro-designed ERC-721 crypto vehicles are created, that can be owned 100% by you. Every car is fully 3D developed by automotive professionals, which makes it possible not only to use it in different games and virtual reality worlds but also to be prototyped/manufactured.
Token sale completed on 02 January
Ratings: 9.5/10
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Stats system

With Crypto Motors each vehicle is built with a range of possible stats dependent on its type (as already mentioned under “Studio” and “The Platform”). Once a user buys the vehicle, its stats are generated randomly from predefined margins depending on the model, thereby creating unique cars. Once a car has been purchased, its stats are no longer hidden, as such it is the choice of the user whether to buy from the Design Studio or another user. Vehicles present a brief cool down between races, explained further below.

Vehicles consist of the following stats:

– Speed,

– Acceleration

– Handling

– Grip

– Braking

– Cool down

– Generation

Based on the stats of the car, weighted by their relative importance for the type of race plus the driver’s experience and small randomly generated number (to keep things interesting) a “Win” number is generated. This number represents how well a car did. The car with the highest “Win” number wins. However this feels a little plain, so we decided to call this “Simulation 1”. Any race will have many simulations (for ex: 300) and whoever wins most simulations is the race winner. Further to each statistic, results of the racing also depend on a “Luck factor,” as well as “driver’s experience.”

Racing Tracks

Four different types of races are possible at the beginning:

– Track racing

– Off-road racing

– Drifting

– Drag racing.

Each of this tracks will take into consideration a combination of different stats, by giving more importance to some of these against the others. It is in the user experience to decide which vehicle to use for the racing.

Cool Down

In between races, a cooldown happens. Likewise, this works as the alternative option to wear & tear or repair requirements in the garage limiting activities required to fulfill between racing. Vehicles depending in their type will have a different waiting time before being able to enter to the next racing.

Generation & Prestige

The generation of the car will improve the amounts of “Prestige” you gain while competing with it. As prestige raises, it does your driver skill. This means that owning cars from earlier generations is beneficial to increase Prestige. What is more, even if a Gen 0 car has sub-optimal stats, it will still have value for its Prestige capabilities. This follows the concept of rarity and classic vehicles gaining value over time.

Crypto Motors and Battle Racers are 2 of the most talented teams we know. We encourage you to check both of these DApps out.

Information: 02 January — 02 January
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