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Drug Wars
DrugWars is a free to play multiplayer strategy and simulation game based on Steem blockchain. You get rewarded for your in-game production capacity and can fight other players to steal their drugs!
Token sale completed on 09 May
Ratings: 8.7/10
Drug Wars Is a new game build on top of the steem blockchain is enough to qualify for hunt. Build an empire, fight your opponents and receive cryptocurrency. The main goal is to produce as many drugs as possible to earn steem. Im building my empire now, you should too. Use this referral link for an instant boost.

How do you play Drug Wars?

It’s quite easy, you go to the website, log in with SteemConnect and get started playing Drug Wars. First, get a starting balance when you first log in to upgrade your drug, weapon, and alcohol production. Next, produce more drugs than the rest, the pool is divided by daily drug production and a Heist where you can invest your drugs in and resets daily. Even without investing anything (on this account) it has been rewarding me with some Steem for the drug production my account generated just for having logged on and gotten started, definitely worth to check it out! In game you can also buy units for Battles vs other Drug Lords! Be careful not to leave your defense empty though as others will try and steal your drugs without losing any units at it.

One of the most interesting part of DrugWars is probably the rewarding mechanism, each time a player spend some STEEM in game, the fund goes to the dealer, the dealer put 80% of that amount in the bank pool. Each day at midnight UTC, 8% of the total pool is distributed to players.
7% is delivered to all players depending of their drugs production.
1% is delivered for whom who invested in the next heist.

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Information: 09 May — 09 May
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