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Ebakus Logo
Ebakus is a blockchain solution with smart contract support that enables dApps to reach mass adoption. It leverages DPOS consensus that enables it to scale while retaining low latency. (23800 TPS, 1 sec blocks) While performance is important, it’s ability to make dApps accessible is what we are mostly proud of. Ebakus’ main novelty is the way it makes transaction fees transparent to the end user. Transaction fees are paid in the form of cpu work through minuscule amounts of PoW that take place in the client with each transaction. To take it one step further Ebakus radically improves on boarding through its embeddable web wallet library, which can be embedded in any dApp and provide a seamless interface to the ebakus blockchain. Moreover we have built Ebakus to be backwards compatible with Ethereum, but we didn’t stop there, it also extends Solidity with a schema defined database that allows developers to build more complex and powerful smart contracts than ever was possible. By removing the need for a wallet and a token balance to pay for transaction fees combined with low latency, DApps built on Ebakus technology can provide a competitive user experience to their centralized counterparts, while remaining completely decentralized. Join our discord channel to discuss Ebakus and the future of DApps. Ebakus is on RC version on testnet right now check out our demo here:
Token sale is active until 01 February
Ratings: 9.5/10
EBakus 11

Ebakus Protocol

Ebakus protocol uses Delegated Proof of Stake as the consensus algorithm and it’s fast and scales well. It is 100% backwards compatible with ethereum smart contracts written in solidity but also offers access to the ebakusdb. A decentralized database with tables, indexes and more. Check out our demo here:

Ebakus Embeddable Wallet

We developed a web wallet library that can be embedded to any website and provide the interface to the ebakus blockchain. The moment the dApp loads, it’s ready to interface with the ebakus protocol.

No fees, No plugins, No wallet Apps


Current blockchain application are plagued by usability and accessibility problems because of underlying technologies. Blockchains are known to be slow with issues of scalability and as a result a user who wants to use dApps today has to:

  1. Go to the dApp website from a desktop computer.
  2. Follow the dApps instructions and install the proper wallet plugin to interact with the blockchain.
  3. Deposit tokens to his wallet plugin – after purchasing them through a cryptocurrency exchange – to be used as tranaction fees or stacking.

Only after going through these steps the user can use the dApp. This practically restricts dApps only to niche applications since the user drop offs for retail dApps like Games would be huge (over 95%). Only by overcoming these problems we can truly see mass adoption from retail audiences.


To solve this problem we designed a unique blockchain around a frictionless UX. We had to rethink the way blockchains handle prioritization of transactions and achieve this without the need for fees or stake. The result is a blockchain that scales with free and fast transactions, without sacrificing decentralization. A user that wants to use a dApp on the ebakus network
has to:

  1. Go to the dApp website any device.
  2. Set a password for his account.
  3. Use the dApp as if it was a normal web application.

Our novel way of implementing free transactions, allows dApps developed on ebakus to include their own wallet inside the dApp. Hence, they avoid drop offs caused by browser requirements and the need for a balance to send transactions. Having free transactions that are confirmed within 1 second radically improves the user experience and allows for completely new game genres to become viable. Check out our demo here:

Information: 01 February — 01 February
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