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EOS Knights
EOS Knights is seriously impressive for an beta game on the EOS blockchain – it runs fast, the interface is solid and artwork is simply gorgeous – the interaction with the blockchain is definitely present, with the lightning fast smart contract interactions working in a fluid manner, no delays or interruptions here – this is worlds apart from any previous blockchain game I’ve ever played, which are more alike to trying to download a large file on a 56k modem. If this is the kind of experience we come to love from apps and games on EOS, the future is looking very bright indeed. Instantaneous action and a brilliant user experience, letting developers do what they should be doing – Focusing on making their apps as great as possible, rather than having to build apology screens for every time a transaction is delayed 30 seconds or just cancels entirely because there’s too much network activity.
Token sale completed on 01 January
Ratings: 9.1/10
EOS Knights 2

A village. A Goblin horde massing to attack. Can your Knight hack and slash through that crowd of fanged awfullness before they wipe out the villagers? Put your skills to the test with EOS Knights, the first mobile game on the EOS blockchain platform.

Collect materials and craft the items your Knight, Archer or Mage will need to defeat the Goblin army. Trade materials and items in the marketplace. Choose a pet from 24 adorable companions.

All player actions are performed on smart contracts and data is stored securely in the EOS blockchain. EOS Knights is available for Android, iOS and on the web. So what are you waiting for? Go save a village!

Information: 01 January — 01 January
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